Capturing the feel, without losing the form.


Kids love Washbrooks Farm! The playful farm in East Sussex offers so much to see and do. And now Washbrooks has a vibrant new website, designed by Calico, with heaps of things to keep visitors engaged.

Calico created a vibrant website to captivate children and adults alike, without losing sight of the important information – like how to get there and the delicious food on offer! Since Washbrooks has so many attractions – animals, tractor rides, events, educationals, tea and cake to name a few, it was a challenge to create a vibrant web framework within which content can be displayed and edited. With a few graphic design licks we not only reinforced the fun and playful theme but gave life to the Washbrooks logo.

Good web design isn’t about ‘samey sites’

True website design is about capturing the feel of an organisation, and projecting that innermost brand personality without losing form. In recent years web design has been driven by generic styling using templated pages and minimal styling for mobile devices, which has lead to a plethora of ‘samey’ sites.

The new Washbrooks site has the playful edge that not only separates it from competitors but helps to protect a long-established family brand.

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