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Attention seekers apply here!

Attention seekers apply here!

You don’t write, you don’t call…things just aren’t how they used to be. Maybe it seems like your customers are giving you the cold shoulder. They don’t respond to your email, all the ‘likes’ have dried up, followers are nosediving. Sustaining an effective digital communication plan is a BIG challenge to every organisation. A well thought through plan is critical.

A digital marketing campaign comprises opt-in email, search marketing, online PR, social media and display advertising. Each of these channels integrate to reach out to potential new buyers, convert prospects or delight your existing customers.

At Calico, we understand that deciding on the best approach to win and convert new business can be daunting.

We can help you to develop and implement your strategy, giving you the digital tools you need to succeed.

Campaign planning
Email design
Landing page design
Email analysis and reporting
Email testing
web2social / social2web publishing

Calico can deliver a digital strategy which will bring you the right kind of attention – at the right times.

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