Web Design

Web Design

Keeping pace with the web.

It’s more than just being found. It’s about being known. That means being remembered for a great, easy-to-use website – a site that will invite people to return again and again.

Calico – Original web design for business around Brighton, Crawley, Surrey, Worthing, Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill



Hands up for video!

Why read, when you can watch? Having video as part of your content marketing strategy provides major advantages to business. With a few seconds to make a statement or persuade a potential customer, video grabs attention and delivers like no other.

Email and Social

Digital Comms

Attention seekers apply here!

The right kind of attention at the right time. Email, chats, tweets, likes and pins – a unified digital communication plan will give your organisation a louder, clearer voice across all media.

E Commerce

E Commerce

More than a shop, a superstore

Now everybody can have a round-the-clock personalised shopping experience. Calico works with robust, secure, modern e-commerce platforms with feature-rich promotional capabilities to keep your consumer’s happy.


Brand launch or refresh? New website or digital presentation? Advice on marketing and promotions? 45 minutes, your place or ours. That’s all we need to help you.

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